Friday, July 07, 2006

The BIG picture

Here's a look at just how BIG we really are...
...cause size matters right?
Nuff SAID?


  1. Hi there... :)

    Interesting visualization... :)

  2. Hey A.C. puts things into perspective eh? Cheers!


  3. Tell The Gods...

    Yeah sure. You tell 'em to pass
    my blog-site to the most Grand Ayatollahs, to give to their Imams,
    to pass down to the young Shaheed...

    that the storage sheds are fresh
    out of Virgins, so...

    Put away their Bomb-Harness, and
    pick up their History books, and
    learn something of lasting value.

    Tell the Gods, to level with their
    innocents that they've been scammed
    by the Mother of All Fairy-Tales.

    Tell them not to face Mecca, but to
    lookk up, At the Milky-Way Galaxy!

    Then let the Great Unwashed take
    a peek at my Info-Blog!

    Freedom allows comments!


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