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"Victory for Science Highly Mythtaken"

Just ran across this in my SAVE FILE...thought I'd 'dig it up' again...Below is an article written for, but never printed by "The Whig Standard"...Wed Feb 18, 2004

"We should be learning from our mistakes, not making them over again." said Ancient Clown, Honorary King of the Poor, Commander and Chief of the Armies of Light. "There are living peoples who are still contributing to humanity and its knowledge of self."
Ancient's remarks were triggered by an article that appeared in "The Whig", stating some garbage about science achieving some victory over myth made by Gwynne Dyer, regarding the 'Kennewick Man'.
"I am facinated how scientists feel they may, at a whim, violate and deny ancient rights and traditions. Is this, the same science that said the world was flat not so long ago? Or is it that science, that said we couldn't fly, or the science saying nothing was smaller than an atom, or that something can't be both wave and particle. Perhaps I'm thinking too small.
Perhaps this is the science that raped and murdered the peoples of this land in the first place, or the science that justified those actions stating, very scientifically of course, that we never stole or murdered anyone...they were WASTING the land, and not USING it properly. Of course we HAD to have it, it was our right scientifically.
Or perhaps it is merely that these 'scientists' haven't the courage to become 'real scientists' and find out the ancient way. You may have as many facts as you want ladies and gentlemen, but you still won't get the answers. Here's my you go. Because you are very WRONG Mr. Dyer.
THERE IS ONE HUMAN BEING ON EARTH who can say with complete certainty who HIS ancestors were 9,300 years ago, where they lived and what languages they spoke. Or even 3 million years ago for that matter. Before Adam...I AM. Did you find Abel? Is that Cain's spear? "

--Ancient Clown is an Earth based individual who was awakened by the "One True Spirit" seven years ago.
ADDRESS:(because homeless people will NOT be published), is...
123 Every St. Anytown, Allover, 1M4 G0D

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