Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Listen to the Children


"A Man and a Lady" - by Emma Hayward
Emma is 5 yrs old and a triplet who will be starting kindergarten with her brother Nicholas and her sister Sarah in September 2004. In this drawing Emma was thinking about her Mom and Dad walking together and looking at the beautiful spring flowers.
"Dragon War" - by Jesse Hixson
Jesse is 8 yrs old and passionate about art. In this drawing his dragon is attacking the city because he is hungry. The military are waging war with the dragon and trying to stop his destruction. Jesse also loves writing, illustrating stories, skateboarding and soccer.
"Forest View" - by Jasmine Campbell & Emma Laks
Jasmine and Emma were grade 8 students this past year at Central Middle School and collaborated to create this painting. In this painting they are trying to show the bond between two worlds. There is good and bad in each and this binds them together as one. Even though the natural and man-made worlds are different, like two sides of a coin they are not all good or all bad. They are just different.
"Victoria" - by Jenny Rosenthal
Jenny is a recent graduate of Reynolds Secondary School. In Victoria, beauty can be found everywhere. Jenny wanted to capture the contrast between the fragile natural beauty and the bold strength of architectural beauty in the painting she created.
"Mondo Vision" - by Andrew Dick
Andrew is a talented young artist who has experience in traditional art forms, graphic design, and graffiti ar. He likes to spend alot of time at the beaches around Victoria as it is were he finds his inspiration. This painting depicts the time when there are no longer any racial boundries in the world."Born To Be Wild" - by Vanessa Justice
Vanessa is now enrolled in grade 8 at Arbutus Middle School and believes that here artwork communicates to others the ideas and images that she sees in her mind. Her painting reflects her belief that animals should be free to live, not be driven away from their homes by man and urban development.
"Progressive Spirit" - by Yu Jin Ahn
Yu Jin Ahn is from Korea and was enrolled at Lambrick Park Secondary this past year. Her painting depicts through symbolism a person's transformation from hoplessness to hopefullness. The bird represents the peace and hope the person feels and the fence represents the limits depression gives us. The bird shaped hole in the fence represents the best place we can get to in the future.
Unknown Artist & Tiltle
It speaks for itself. I felt rather betrayed when the decision was made for an entertainment centre was to be builtwhen what Victoria really needs is a sewage treatment system, at least to live up to our pristine coastal tourist attraction."Mindscape" - by Emma Hutchison
Currently enrolled at Glenlyon Norfolk School, this 12 yr old artist has taken extra curricular art classes at Imagination in Hand Studios. This painting is a personal reflection of a summer spent in Eygpt and the enlightenment she brought home to Victoria."Thirst" - by Jessica Simpson
Water is the element that sustains us in life. We can't live without it, and therefore it is the most important part of our environment.
"Tomorrow" - by Carey Newman
Carey Newman works out of his Blue Raven Gallery in sooke. In this picture the eagle in the moon represents a bridge between the past and the future. We of the present inherited a world rich with natural beauty and resources...I hope that our children will experience the same.
"Catching The Light-Barn Owl" - by Robert Bateman
Bateman lives on Saltspring Island and has become one of the world's most recognized artists. His art reflects his commitment to preserving the diversity of nature. The barn owl is found throughout the world's tropical and temperate areas but their numbers have declined in recent years. This painting was inspired by the vulnerable beauty of this elusive bird in contrast to the structure of an ancient and rustic barn."Stork and Stallion" - by Sean Brookes
This painting is the first in a series of nature images. Sean wanted to diverge from his usual monocromatic style. He has used suble and soft colors to present a sense of elegance and grace.
"Untitled" - by Benjamin Raymer
Graffiti artists use spray paint to change their enviroment. I decided to flip that by painting a graffiti artist using basically the same tools that they would use doing their own tag or mural. I made the frame and stretched the canvas, primed it and used spray paint with a fat cap and stalk cap to complete the picture. I then added detail and definition using oil paint which makes the image stand out.
"Sanctuary" - by Kai Lee MacBain
My painting is about trying to portray the sweetness and beauty of animals in an unpolluted environment. I tried to give it an almost temple like look, thus the name "Sanctuary". I started with the background and moved forward, trying to layer the paint. It's meant to have realism with a touch of art nouveau in the form. The lighting was key to the effect I was trying to create
"Night Flight" - by Sundria Heurtier
Sundria is currently enrolled at Ecole Brodeur and is going into grade 11. She is particularly in the world that surrounds her and has always tried to observe and represent it as honestly as possible. This painting represents Douglas Street at night and depicts a world that some people never see or think about. She was inspired by her father because he works downtown and tells her stories about the people who live on the streets.
"Through Other Eyes" - by Jeremy Brown
Jeremy Brown is 17yrs old and attending Reynolds Secondary School. This piece was inspired by a song lyric "there are two paths you can go by, but in the long run there's still time to change the road you're on".

UNKNOWN - by Robert Cerinis
UNKNOWN Title & Artist
(If you know of either the artist or the title of any of these "UNKNOWN's", please contact me)
"Linear Nature" - by Danielle Leduc
At the age of 15, Danielle had the opportunity to journey to Africa with her father. The experience was life altering. It only seemed natural for Danielle to create a painting from that wonderful experience. Danielle is 16 yrs of age and attending Victoria High School.
"This Peacefulness is a Whip" - by Caleb Speller
Caleb is currently enrolled in the Visual Arts Program at Camosun College. Creating visually is a natural process for this 22 yr old artist. To be able to envoke awareness and questions about life through this process is a joy and in no way a chore for Caleb.


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