Tuesday, May 30, 2006

What Do You SEE?

What's the FIRST thing to 'POP' out at you?

Visual fun and lessons in perspective.
What DID you see first?


  1. I used to enjoy these as a kid -- and oddly enuf even now. :)

  2. very interesting..
    by the way..
    out of curiousity..
    what path do you follow?
    i mean which religion?

  3. very cool....i managed to see both pictures everytime but these are what i saw first:
    saw two faces
    young woman
    native American
    woman's sillhoutte
    a duck
    a skull

    seem like someone who is good at giving advice - check out my blog sometime, i'm in need of it!

  4. I saw:
    one face
    young girl
    Native (although it reminded me a bit of the Easter Island heads)
    man playing horn

    I guess this is about what we want to see, or expect to see, at first glance?

  5. hehe, it's interesting enough:)
    As about the girl, i saw only her, not an old woman.
    By the way, thanks for visiting my blog.

  6. The Erudite PhilosopherFri Jun 02, 04:42:00 am

    candle of hope asked the Ancient Clown what path he follows.

    the clue AC left at the top right-hand corner of his blog is a dead giveaway!

    Read The Holy Bible, the Book of Genesis, Chapter 4.

    Read also the Hebrews 11:4, 1 John 3:12, Jude 1:11.

    go check it out.

    am i correct, AC - or am i correct? ;)

  7. Candle of Hope & Erudite Philosopher:
    Though I actually describe religions as; "That which was created by the men who didn't understand what the spiritual dudes were talking about, otherwise we'd just have a bunch of spiritual dudes walking around."

    The Erudite philosopher 'SEES' very well...To some, I give them milk and they ask for solid food, I give them milk and they can not eat it, but still they ask for solid food.
    The TRUTH just is...I lay no claim to it, or attempt to make it mine, but share it as it's been experienced that you may test it for yourself.
    Your GOD is my GOD...and in ALL languages and religions, GOD is LOVE. These are the teachings of CHRIST. It is not enough to read the words to know what they say...but to experience them that you may understand what they mean.
    WALK in LOVE.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  8. The Erudite PhilosopherFri Jun 02, 03:58:00 pm

    Walk, too, in truth (Psalm 26:3) for vincit omnia veritas (truth conquers all things) and magna est veritas et praevalebit (truth is mighty and will prevail).

  9. Right you are my philosophical friend...and when you 'Walk in LOVE' you can not help but be 'Walking in TRUTH'.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  10. i read what you have written several times brother, yet found it difficult to understand..
    it's not the english, but the words between the lines.. the true meanings..
    Religion is not only about love brother, but about faithm to whom you turn to and to whom you pray..

  11. Hi Candle:

    Please remember, I'm not here to sponsor ANY religions as I feel they are not about God, but are only self-serving. Despite whether or not people 'want' to believe me, I found & followed Christ to GOD. I'm not here to glorify myself, but GOD & Christ. I'm not here to say listen to me, but to GOD. I'm not here saying anything that hasn't been said before, by GOD.
    It's simple really, if people don't believe me they have but to go before GOD themselves and ask. At no time do I ask anyone to take my word for it. TEST EVERYTHING for yourselves.
    your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown
    p.s. I'm still trying to find a computer that will allow me to download and watch the video from the link you left me on Jesus...thanks for the comments...I do appreciate them, as I feel they will only benefit us all.

  12. i hope you find the video beneficial..

    i hope that you would visit this forum http://www.imanway.com/en

    I know you are not here to discuss religions.. and i shall not oblige u to visit the forum..


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