Friday, May 12, 2006



So the police have THREATENED me yet again. This time with 'stealing' my trees. Said there are TOO MANY artists in town. They want me to 'beg' to be here...don't stand on my own two feet, eat at a fine dining restaurant, or stay in a hotel, by my own means.(not that the people here are generous enough for that anyway...I've already made over $1000.oo worth of trees just getting $20 each for them but I haven't even made much more than $20.oo total for them ALL)...why bother asking how many hours it takes to make one if you're only going to offer $1.50 or $2.00 for 2hrs work creating a unique piece of art. How much do you get paid an hour that you will "enslave" your artists, so you can brag about how cultured you are.

"Starving Artist" is a term that illuminates just how much of a failure YOUR society is...or can you STILL not SEE that? Probably why it's being destroyed.

So, should I let the police take my stuff or break their arms and charge them for stealing when they do? Theft is theft...they can say whatever they want to justify it but when they face GOD...theft is theft. Attempting to kill a prophet is STILL attempted murder even if GOD prevents you from being successful. As far as I'm concerned, I must view any and every contact with a police officer as another potential attempt on my life. Especially when they walk so unrighteously.
I WILL, defend myself accordingly, as is my right...they may find that calling for the 'Angel of Death' to take me, instead brings that 'Angel' for the one who called.
Then the survivers will know who I AM, and by what authority I walk this earth...and they won't be able to say they didn't hear...only that they didn't LISTEN.


  1. u seem to think the world owes you something

  2. AC, why should anyone believe in an entity which proposes a carrot (heaven) to prompt conducive conduct or behaviour, against a stick (hell) to propulgate correct behaviour. Explain, please..

  3. I think you should just have broken the cops' arms. You and I have different views in life. You take the path where you are teacher while I go to the road that leads to obscurity and political anarchy. You have rights like anyone in this world. I really think you should have let them steal your stuff and then steal something of theirs, material or non-material. For me that is not evil. That is Karma.

  4. Drewmalins
    I have issues with the way you have posed the question, but leaving that aside, heaven and hell are not concepts, they are experiences. If you experience them, then you will have the answer to your question.

    Similarly, GOD is not an impersonal abstract "entity". GOD is an experience.

    (Sorry, AC, I hijacked your space. I am only speaking for myself.)

  5. Sir,

    I left you a couple more comments/messages on my site.

  6. -Izzati says:

    Hey a few nice entries. haven't heard frm u in a while. why don't u set up a tag board in ur blog?
    just a suggestion!!

    and whooooaaaaa u have so many visitors.. dude... :) good 4 you!

  7. Hey AC its me Dave, Brandons old roomy!!! I miss you dude... Sharon just told me about your Blogg site I had to check it out... don't let the man bring you down dude... keep at it. my email is The Hot Box misses you. and we missed you at the march. Keep fighting the cause brother.

  8. get a job, oh yeah, and pay taxes... like most other people do... so then more "parasites" can live off of the regular people who work and are being productive and are too busy hanging out in public places all day... and then after having worked all day for 5 days a week come back and see what you feel like writing...


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