Thursday, May 18, 2006

It takes a Village...

It has been said that it takes a village to raise a child and in my own case, that's how it was. Here's an ingredients list, (with an additional warning & reminder), that I found on the blog of a lovely lady from New Zealand. (thank you my dear).

ADVISORY WARNING: Children do NOT follow your parents as they have been lied to and mislead, so will do the same to you. Parents, follow your children, as they will lead you back to GOD.

-Wise old person (more if on special)
-some grandparents or similar
-some aunts and uncles
-home: when we have to go there they have to take us in.
-some people who remember the parents as children
-places to go often
-share in tasks so know who made/grew possessions/food and how they did it
-community for parents: exchange of ideas, joy in the children, spread of responsibility
-someone with high expectations
-a gatherer
-a healer
-people to recognise when going places
-listener: someone warmly attentive
-bush savvy people
-variety pack of role models, particularly occupational
-Adults must demonstrate a range of successful ways of being (get extra if needed).
-variety pack of potential partners
-some friends whose parents are friends of the parents
-Other children must be varied enough to learn from, to teach, and to have changing or life-long alliances with.
-cousins (unruly brood, a dozen kids to know a long time)
-more siblings? (read packet, get good quality organic fair trade ones)
-Try for an integrated recipe for being, allow for variations in cooking practice.

I would only add one thing to this list, which is more of a reminder really:
Parents do not teach your children that you know everything when guiding them to their path, rather teach them everything you know, that they may improve on it and find their own way.
Have a great day everyone.


  1. I'm glad you liked my ingredients, I'm not sure I've got them all yet. Here's a link to the original post just in case any of your readers are curious.

  2. Thank you for your visit! See you latter! (I have visit your blog too)

  3. I'm so not a child according to her ingredients, lol.


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