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911--what they don't want you to know

A copy of a letter you will NOT find posted written: Sun Dec 05, 2004
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It is important to us to collect and preserve as much of the historical record as possible, so please share this site with family, friends, and associates who may have a story to share. Thank you.

The September 11 Digital Archive
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Here is a copy of what you gave us:

Your story:
How did you witness history on September 11th? Tell us your story:
I was traveling through Toronto and staying at an International backpackers Hostel and woke up to seeing it on the news. I remember very clearing watching the eyes of the reporters and politicians and I could tell they were lying...and I wondered why?
I remember very clearly how the reports and the types of information being revealed were done so on a very suspicious nature...and I wondered why?
I remember them sensationalizing and continuously reshowing the plane hit the tower...time and time again...over and over...and I wondered why?
I remember very clearly thinking this is a very well orchastrated farce...I remember wondering why the United States Government would attack it's own buildings and try to make it look like terrorists...then I remember these are the same people who assassinated their own President years ago, they then announced how they had to attack Iraq again and it suddenly made sense.
I feel sorry for the American people that they should be so gullible.
They are who they follow...and they do not follow Jesus. And they will have to deal with those consequences.

Has your life changed since September 11, 2001? If so, tell us how?
It has made me realize the full extent that Liars, Murders and Thieves run our countries...all. It had made me realize the TRUTH, behind these wars and actions and how it is, in truth, just a war on the poor and God. These are Not men of God...My question to all who read this is?
How many people did Jesus kill? How many did He instruct me to kill in His name? If you do these things, are you not just liars and murderers and thieves who has missed His message and is now just lying to themselves and others?
I was anointed by God as the 'Leader of the Meek', the 'Voice of the Children' and the 'King of the Poor'. Thought you should know.

What do you think should be remembered about September 11th?'s just another day that mankind turned it's back on the Law's of God. It's just another day that feeds the liars to continue their "War on the Poor."

Did you fly an American flag after the events of September 11th? Have
your feelings about the American flag changed as a result of September

No I did not, nor do not. Any respect I had left for the "American Flag" or the "American People", which was already very little, disappeared after 911...when they so easily, from fear and ignorance, did what they did...but then all Governments make their decisions based on fear and greed. I wave no flag for there is not a country worthy of my allegiance.
I am the Leader of the Meek, the Voice of the Children, and the King of the Poor, as anointed by God and "All Under Heaven" is mine.
I would ask that you surrender please, and return to the Law's of God and the Love of Christ.

Can be posted to the site: yes

911 video

Posting this will probably have me classified as a the REAL terrorists, but never was I more ashamed to be Canadian, or a member of the United Nations as I was when, as a nation, we sat back and allowed what followed to happen...bringing dishonour to ALL of OUR Veterans of WORLD WAR II who gave their lives that THIS type of greedy aggression NEVER happen again.


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  2. its nice web.
    what i going to say is just.... luv the peace, dont hurt each other, war is not healty for children and other living things.
    god bless

  3. Thank you for this post (and for visiting FI). You were much faster to catch on to the 911 lies than myself. There is blindness all about.

  4. Thanks for the good link. I just watched the complete movie and I must say I am impressed. That there is allready something wrong for a long long time in the states when it comes to politics, I never doubted that, but if all is true what is implied in this video it is far beyond my imagination. Through this I decided to research more and I allready found a couple of more movies which I am going to watch. Either I find this truth through the regular news (which never covers the whole truth) or by fragments of truth all scattered everywhere on the net. It doesnot matter. The more I know, the closer the truth will come to me. It is important that people get aware of misbehaviours of (all) political misbehaviour and abuse... I will link to this article if you don't mind and write an article of what I found on the net...

  5. Hey there, interesting blog... check out I have found quite a bit of information about the way we should handle terrorism.

  6. dominican girl:
    thank you for visiting.

    right you are girl...If we 'Cain' stop killing we'll never be 'Abel' to survive.

    thanks and you're welcome.

    please feel free to link away.your humble servant,
    Ancient Clown

  7. Thanks for popping by my site.
    There is over 50% of the American people who do not believe what this current administration say on the issue of 9/11. Although a tragedy for all those who lost someone dear and close. It's the WOT (War On Terror) argument that just doesn't wash any more. All they have and are doing now is being the most expensive ad campaign on recruiting terrorism, by showing those who they want as friends their worst hand first. It's a fine mess now, and it's going to take a hell of a long time to sort out, and the present administration isn't part of the solution but part of the problem.
    I ramble on....


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