Wednesday, March 01, 2006

The Visionary

He stands on the edge
of the rocks
Overlooking the ocean.
His long hair and flowing beard
blow gently
in the cool breeze
that whispers
past him.

The lines on his face
that mark the wrinkles of experience
as he peers
from soft eyes filled with wisdom
at the horizon
and beyond.

The waves crash at the feet
with a power all their own
as he contemplates his position.
From his perspective
he stands at the end of the world
as he knows it.

Here, he can go no further.
Before him lies a whole new existence.
Here, he can see as far as the eye
can see, and farther.
Here, he can see with clarity.

He sees a time when humans
strive to reach The Trinity;
as one.
The combination to the door.
He sees a state of harmony
with all around him.
He sees the answers
He sees peace
He sees hope

He is The Visionary.

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