Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Another Sleepless Night

Another sleepless night
Of tossing and turning
Another tortured eve
Of true loves yearning.

No longer is there truth
In seeing all her charms
No longer is there comfort
By laying in her arms.

T'was once sought after
For nothing meant so much
But after her betrayals
He cringes at her touch.

She pretended to his favors
To make this fellow swoon
Then plunged a hole inside his heart
The size of a pin in a balloon.

Another sleepless night
Spent fighting for his life
Refusing to surrender
To the endless pain and strife.

She flaunts herself before him
Her denial she was wrong
His love was smashed upon the rocks
For chasing the Siren's Song.

Still she plays her cat and mouse
By asking him to stay
But there's too many men
With whom she gave herself away.

He knows that he's not special
No gem, as she pretends
Where his blindness once believed
This seeing now offends.

Another sleepless night
At the darkness he just stares
He cannot find the solace
Because he knows that he still cares.

So, alone he lays and prays
For the coming of the light
To lead him through another day
And to another sleepless night.

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