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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Up One Boat, Down One Dingy

As the author, the title of this story is a bit misleading i must confess. For in Truth, the dingy remained intact through to the end of the journey and beyond. It is only as a, P.S. in a letter, that it gets a mention as an update, or a reminder, or in this case...Both.

The voyage itself, was in moving a boat with no motor or rudder, from Burgoyne Bay to Fulford Harbour. Acting on a tip from a friend, i was given a Gift from another, and all i had to do to earn it, was to remove it, and with a handshake the deal was done.

I've been told when a person accepts a boat, he accepts a responsibility to the safety of others, not just on his boat, but on and in the water. The Captain must also consider his crew, as he is putting his life in their hands, as much as they place theirs in his. As a newer Captain, i had very little Ocean experience and zero experience moving a lifeless vessel in the ancient tradition of using tidal ebbs and flows along with the ocean currents.

You are never given a dream without the power to make it come true however, and Destiny provides for the Faithful,  though you will still have to earn it. I had a friend, (Brett), that not only had experience with those waters, but also in moving boats...First Mate Found. I also had a friend, (Jonathon), that had recently returned from the East Coast, and had the equipment and experience to document the adventure...Crew list filled...The adventure begins.

As i used my Dingy-Bat (nickname), to load the boat with provisions, Brett and Jonathon brought Brett's aluminum boat with a 9 horse Evenrude to help guide us in tow. As we re-united on the boat and prepared to leave, my first order was to make Brett acting-Captain and though i was still making the anchor drops, it was on his advice of safe areas and overall, it was his experience in these waters and moving boats we were relying on, not mine, so it was his guidance we would follow, though i still trusted my own instincts on 'when' to drop or how much line i let out, it was roughly based on his input of 'where' and suggested length...Afterall, then i would have no one to blame but my Self. 
To make an already long story shorter, we left Burgoyne Bay as the sun set on Tuesday Night and anchored in Fulford Friday afternoon. We could have come in Thursday night, but i didn't want to anchor in the dark and it also seemed a good excuse to draw out the adventure another night and day.

Throughout it all, the voyage went very smoothly, with only a couple of tense moments with the currents and the lesson every Captain must learn...when someone throws you an oar, use BOTH hands to catch it, unless you want a black eye.

I have to admit though, it was a glorious voyage with many moments that felt like Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn, river-rafting the Mississippi. And considering we all made it in safely, boat and dingy included, with only a few minor injuries to Jonathon (whom fell despite me telling him not to), when he slipped on the rocks beach-combing and taking pictures...Oh and my shiner for trying to catch an oar one-handed...All in all, i think i get to chalk this one up as a very successful, 4 day adventure, that only cost $40.oo in gas.
As to the P.S. of this story that concerns 'One Dingy Down'. That is the cautionary part of this saga, as a reminder to all. Just because you have safely brought your boat in, doesn't mean the adventure is really over and you can let your guard down a few days later, when the wind picks up, and the tide is rushing out and you are adding more line to Dingy-Bat so she isn't slamming against the boat with the wind and waves.

No...when your instincts remind you to tie the new line to Dingy-Bat BEFORE untying it...That would be a wise thing to do. Instead of getting out there and suddenly noticing how the waves were glowing, effervescent as they capped and splashed against Dingy-Bat and all around.

Instead of finishing what you were doing, BEFORE taking a moment to pause and appreciate the wondrous beauty all around you...No, instead, you mindlessly do exactly what you  just told yourself not to do, and untie Dingy-Bat while looking at the pretty waves and then have the wet, slimy, rope, slip from your fingers and immediately gets claimed by the winds and waves, as you, partly coming, to your senses and had began quickly, tying the new line to the boat, instead of wisely, retying Dingy-Bat first.

A novice Captain's mistake i am sure, but one i also made sure i'd remember well, with every stroke i made, as i swam to shore the next day. It's not that i couldn't have just waved down one of the other boaters for a dry ride to the docks...It's that i did HEAR my little voice warn me ahead of time, and i didn't LISTEN, and that can be a deadly mistake on land or water, so was a lesson i did not want to soon forget again.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

WHY ask WHY?

WHY ask WHY?

I was hoping the light of the next day might bring about an apology and recognition of wrongdoing, but it seems not.

Recorded Events for Friday, March 28th. at Salt Spring Community Center - Supper time saw a Care Provider, (Naomi) kick out a guy for unknown reasons and the simple question of "WHY" also got me threats from RCMP and then ejected for the evening and denied services by the Salt Spring Community Services.

As we stood together Friday evening, huddled in the rain, locked outside from the dry warmth inside, because the clocks in their hearts did not yet say 6 pm. Naomi (care provider) came out and singled out a person, asking if she could speak to him in private and they walked up the hill together. Returning a few minutes later, with the gentleman still seeming to have questions Naomi didn't feel like discussing anymore and was passing them off to someone else they could talk to about resolving the situation on Monday...days from now, but for now and until then, had to leave and was denied ALL services without reason or just cause.

The gentleman then asked if they may at least use the phone and was ALSO denied and told there wasn't one available, which is a LIE, as the building is full of offices and phones, as i pointed out to the "care provider" as they left.

A short time later, as the gentleman, now explaining his side of things to those of us remaining outside, the care provider returned and said this person WAS now allowed to use the phone, but immediately changed that to; "I'm calling the Police" as she heard him explaining his confusion and lack of answers to his problem.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE; He never actually refused to leave, and was only seeking clarification as to what the problem was and asking for phone services to contact the person he was "supposed to talk to" to get those answers.

The care provider (Naomi) is actually the person committing a LEGAL CRIME by filing a false police report.  As are the police for "Conspiracy after the Fact"; when they arrive and have it pointed out to them that the person calling was actually lying, but proceeded with bullying the victim anyway.

Pointing these things out to the officers and asking again as to the ACTIONS this person had committed that warranted his treatment, only brought about threats of arrest on me for "Obstruction of Justice", (standard charge threatened when cops are self-righteously abusing their authority and someone stands against it, which is funny onto itself).

The police continued to threaten my arrest for obstruction, as they bullied and finally chased off the first man, then speaking in great length with Care Provider Naomi before leaving.
Later, after supper, i was pulled aside by Naomi and kicked out, with her FURTHER lying and saying she now felt threatened by me, adding Slander and Defamation of Character to her list of crimes.

It is interesting to note that although i had only ever asked "WHY" this person was being punished and ejected, so perhaps WE can avoid making the same mistakes, BOTH the police and care providers view this as HIGHLY DISRUPTIVE BEHAVIOR, that gets you labeled as being a TROUBLEMAKER. 
I've already been denied laundry services earlier by Naomi, because i complained the internet hadn't been working for 4 months and ALL previous attempts to have it fixed have been ignored. (Of course, just because i was denied services the day after i filled out a complaint form, doesn't mean it's connected, that's what they call coincidence)...just like being kicked out for asking "WHY?" gets turned into; "I felt threatened, even though he never actually said or did anything, except ask WHY?"

Don't get me wrong, i'm very aware there are no honest cops, lawyers and judges to report these crimes to, here on Salt Spring or anywhere else in Canada and the "so-called Free World" and standing against them have only brought attempts on my life.

Did i learn my lesson yet or will they learn theirs?
i THINK, the answer to BOTH is NO.

Shelter Update:(3/31/14)

After speaking to Jordan, the problem is even more systemic that at first thought. He actually looked me in the eye and told me he honestly believed Naomi felt afraid of me and honestly feared for herself and for the safety of the other MEN in the shelter...not only that, he said he felt he probably would have done the same thing in her place, because he didn't feel i had the right to even ASK WHY someone was being kicked out either. "None of my business" is a good enough answer, to an honest question. Yet at the same time he pretends to understand that when the rights of even one of us are violated or denied, so are the rights of us all.

For simply asking WHY, i was attacked and pointed at for "attempting to spoil it for everyone", "Causing problems" and "risk myself getting kicked out" to threats of false arrest for Obstruction of Justice by RCMP officers and ACTUALLY "getting myself" kicked out with further attacks and lies against my character by accusations of violence and unlawfulness by a "STAFF MEMBER" of the shelter, against the crazy homeless guy who's a Lunatic Jesus Freak...and not the TRUE GLORY OF THE OLIVE that might make EVERY ONE OF THOSE "Human Rights VIOLATIONS"...MY BUSINESS.

False charities, churches and religions that steal from GOD's Children and deny them services and rights they PRETEND IN HIS NAME...might well fall within the areas of MY BUSINESS...if i truly were born the "Sign of Jonah" and truly was the "GLORY OF THE OLIVE".
Again i say to everyone; "Just because i say it, doesn't mean it's true and just because you don't believe it, doesn't mean it's not still true."

I'm sure you are right though and GOD had no idea about the child molesting going on in the church or that Ratzsinger was going to quit in a few years and that's why GOD didn't just skip ahead to Francis.
I'm equally sure you are also right that GOD was also blind to the overall corruption and worship of money and power the Vatican had developed and so never reached outside the church to find the least, who was a Lion of Judah, born the Sign of Jonah, from the EAST even as the lightening flashes through the sky to the WEST, came into the world born the 'Son of Man' coincidence of course.

But i digress, as this isn't really about me, since all i did was ask "WHY" and truly more about things that happened BECAUSE ANYONE DARED ask why.

I don't even pretend to think for a moment, that the vast majority of you are not already calling me names and accusing me of being ungrateful and hypocritical, of trying to cause problems, while taking advantage of the system...that is, if you've even read this far.
I probably lost a good chunk about a paragraph or so ago. The rest are only reading through looking to find all the tasty bits they can use to tear me a new one and show how crazy and insane i am, instead of seeing what's truly being revealed.

Typical behavior for those trained to kill the messenger, so they don't have to listen to the message. "Don't be a Martyr", "No one likes a Martyr".
Telltale phrases those are, when considering the TRUTH in all things.

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Holy Trinity

Searching for Sugar Man amazing, and humble man, who's musical poetry inspired true change in a part of the world he had never even been. While living in modest, obscurity in his own country, 
he was a Legend in theirs and didn't even know it. 
Bigger than Elvis and the Rolling Stones.
He is Rodriguez...Cold Fact.

Friday, March 07, 2014

TOPIC - Birds and Emotions

 (Below is a letter i submitted to a Professor engaged in Bird Studies, that i'm sharing here for any others that may also share in this Field of Study.)

ATTN: Prof. Tim Birkhead

Re: New Scientist (Aug.3rd/2013) - "So Much To Discover"

Blessings Professor;

This letter is in regards to your article in New Scientist (Aug.3rd/2013) - "So Much To Discover", centered around birds and their emotions. It invoked memories of earlier days and the couple of times i have successfully raised and released baby birds, because their mothers had died.

While my perspective at the time was an Empathic one and not a Scientific one, i still feel that, despite my lack of documented data, my LIFE experiences and observations may still provide some insights or confirm some suspicions.

Both birds, i had raised from when they were still featherless and newly hatched, till they were old enough to leave the nest, literally speaking, as i never raised them to be pets. The first was a pigeon, my uncle brought to me as a kid, because the cats had gotten the mother and other babies. He used to fly around and follow me when i delivered newspapers in my little country village, and land on my head for awhile, then take off again, over and over, until i was done, every day. Around that time, my dad tagged his leg so we'd always know him and soon after, he joined a flock at a nearby farmers barn. For years after, every now and again, sometimes many seasons in passing, he would join me in the backyard and land on the ground, or on the lawn-chair i was in and coo for a little bit, hang out and then take off again just as suddenly. The feelings i got from him and actions displayed, were similar to those you described of birds re-uniting.

The second was a baby Robin,  and i seemed to get a lot of negative feedback from those around me this time, stating it couldn't be done because it was too young,  i'd now handled it, and more negative reasons than even worth listing. Again, my perspective was an Empathic one and not a Scientific one, so something inside me decided to proceed anyway and Limit those Limitations, as without me the baby would surely die, as the mother was already dead. (Slammed into patio glass door)

I recognized my greatest limitation was to be able to follow and provide for the baby once he had reached that full and final stage, so i convinced another mother Robin to adopt him as he was on the very last stages of leaving the nest, when they are still ground fed.
This took time, but as he was reaching that final stage, and getting all his feathers in, i would take him to a tree i'd found much earlier, that had another Active Robin's nest . Although, these babies were in an earlier stage of development, (still fuzzy, where mine was feathered), it was the only other active nest i had found nearby. I began by getting close enough to startle her from her nest, but no so close she wouldn't still return to it. Sometimes, i'd just lay there on the ground as the baby would nestle in my beard and lay on my chest. The mother on her nest guarding her babies and me, being the nest, guarding mine.

I'm not sure how many days/hours etc. passed during this process, as i say i wasn't keeping records on this experiment, i was just attempting to save a life, but eventually i got to the point where the mother wouldn't leave her nest as my approach got closer, or i had to chase after the baby,( because he was hopping too far away for my liking). During those moments of calm, i sought to Empathic-ally reach out and communicate to the mother that i was ill-suited to be this babies mother and am only truly qualified to be a caring nest and if he was to have any hope for continued survival, he would require a True Mother.

Now i don't have any scans of either of our brains to show you what was going on, but i can describe the jolt of energized, excitement and wonder that surged through ME the very first time she left her nest of young, to fly down and feed my baby. I can also describe the overwhelming calm and joy, mixing to create a euphoric sense throughout me when i saw her do it for a second and third time. That also brought about the realization that my work here was done and he would be safe now.

Again, i never tagged this bird, as my dad had done with the pigeon before, so it may well be whimsy that makes me think that the young Robin, that would land on the closest branch and sing to me from time to time when i was outside, was the same one i began raising, but something inside me tells me it was.

As i stated earlier, i only share these Life Experiences, despite the lack of hard data, with the hopes of it being more relevant than long-winded and can confirm some suspicions, inspire some insight or direction.

your humble servant,
ancient clown

Friday, February 21, 2014

In Search of TRUTH

(Chapter 1)
A man was walking in search of TRUTH. Some might have viewed his quest an aimless one, since he seemed to meander here and there, stopping at times for great lengths, before moving forward. They did so because they did not have the same teachers and so failed to RECOGNISE the problem wasn't that the quest was an aimless one, but the problem was truly in how they viewed it. Thus, they did not RE-EXAMINE themselves to the degree that would have helped them REALISE the TRUTH themselves by REPEATING the process.

The TRUTH is, he had shared their views. Not only from when he first began, but for what seemed like a very long time from when thought he first started. He thought he knew so much before he began, he didn't really view the trip as going to be a long one, let alone one that takes the rest of his life. He had first viewed the search for TRUTH as a simple journey, and indeed it was, but one of the first things he leaned to RECOGNISE, RE-EXAMINE and REALISE, was that 'simple' doesn't mean 'easy'.

The TRUTH is, when he first began he didn't even know where to begin. The thing that had REALLY prompted the journey to begin with was a single lie. A single lie that became the straw that broke the camels back. When he RECOGNISED that one lie, he had opened a floodgate of other lies from over the years, until he felt he was drowning in lies. 

The TRUTH is, he felt he was being lied to by everyone. Governments lied to him, Religions lied to him, Scientists and Experts lied to him, Friends and Family lied to him. Everyone lied to him and he lied to them right back. But the lie that tipped the scale in that moment, the one that pushed his head under the water and left him gasping for the breathe of life, didn't come from the Governments, or the Religions or the Scientists, or the Experts.

The TRUTH is, he had become so accepting of the fact they were lying to him about so many things, he began to expect it about everything, almost without question. The why of it always led back to fear and greed. Those were the building blocks of Civilisations that used slavery under many guises, to build itself up on the backs of others. Nimrods, all of them, but they didn't tell him the lie he RECOGNISED this time.

The TRUTH is, he was just as expectant and accepting of the Scientists and Experts that used false data as scientific facts, to create a false reality that supported the building blocks of Civilisations, so they could be considered "successful, credible and reputable", instead of a "failure, crank and loon". No, the lie he RECOGNISED didn't come from any of them either.

The TRUTH is, he was also just as expectant and accepting of being lied to by Family and Friends. Not from a sense of maliciousness nor malice on their part, for often they will say it was because they were protecting him or didn't want to hurt him, not seeing the dis-service they are truly doing themselves and him...maybe, he can handle the TRUTH. he simply has no ear for it yet. Maybe they couldn't handle simply telling it.

Even still, if TRUTH be told as it was meant to, even had this one particular lie been told a thousand times before, from every source he had ever encountered through all the years of his life to that moment, it would never have had the same impact upon RECOGNISING it, as it did in that moment. For in that moment of RECOGNITION and RE-EXAMINATION he REALISED the True Source of Betrayal, that had lead to the floodgates opening.

It was a lucky thing he followed REPETITION in the Refinement Process because FULL REALISATION did not come about during the first couple of passes. The True Source didn't wish to be revealed, so used clever wording to deflect from itself to remain hidden.  With each REPETITION however, another layer would peel away as he RECOGNISED these new variations on the same theme. With each RE-EXAMINATION he finally REALISED the True Source of ALL his betrayals and lies within his 'self', came from himself. 

He was the liar.

With that final REALISATION, a question popped through..."What if she really did love him?" and then his entire world came crashing down around him in that moment. He was torn from within himself and forced to truly look at himself from a perspective he had never seen before. One that slapped him across the face with every betrayal he had ever committed, with every lie he had ever told. One that left him curled in a fetal position on the floor writhing in pain.

He had never felt pain like this before. This wasn't his pain that was coursing throughout him, though it truly was, because this was the pain he had caused others. This was EMPATHY.  He couldn't breathe. He had to breathe, he felt as if every cell in his body was suffering. Breathe...Just Breathe...Let it go. Wave upon wave, the suffering extending beyond just him now and no longer restricted to just those he's met along his path, but continuing along all the degrees of separation.

It didn't matter if the lies had originated outside of himself or not, as HE had let them in and believed them, and then gave them to someone else that did the same. Whether he liked it or not, whether he believed it not, whether or not he wanted to admit it, he was finally seeing things from TRUTH's perspective and there was no arguing about it.

As he progressed through the surface feelings to the depth of his being, TRUTH continued to share wave upon wave of feelings he had caused others, though as he went deeper the feelings became stronger and more loving, refilling him with joy. He also noticed there weren't as many of these feelings which made him REALISE he hadn't been as loving as he believed.

He finally saw where the TRUE POWER was and wasn't. All these years, his beliefs ,opinions and perspectives, never once changed the TRUTH, but in a fraction of a second, a mere moment of seeing TRUTH, changed them all forever.
He was faced with a glass half full, of the stuff he didn't like. He clearly saw it had nothing to do with the red pill or the blue pill, this was the medicine he had to take, and even though he didn't like least it was only half full.

If you were to ask the man, this would have been one of the most pivotal moments in his life. He was finally AWARE of where to truly begin the search for TRUTH...Within his 'Self'. Not that he felt he owned the TRUTH, that was not the REVELATION that had ignited the inspiration of thoughts that came pouring forth. No it was when he RECOGNISED each LIE was  a FEAR hiding a TRUTH, that made him REALISE he had never honestly begun his search yet, because he was still lying to himself. After all, how can you honestly hope to find something, you are not willing to search honestly for...and with that, his EGO began to die.

The REVELATION itself, was that in order to find the TRUTH, he would first have to find his TRUE SELF, that he may then continue to seek honestly...and with that, his ID was reborn and the fabric of reality began to take shape. He finally understood FREE WILL was not attached to his day to day decisions, as much as it was attached to his initial decision to HONESTLY seek the TRUTH and see it through.

This experience had the added lesson that taught him that in this HONEST pursuit of TRUTH, he had also taken a few more steps down the path of WISDOM as well. For the ancients had said; "Do not seek to know, seek to be wise." and he finally understood what that meant. Wisdom is not the 'Accumulation of Knowledge' as the liars would have you believe so they can Lord their knowledge over those they deprive it from.

In TRUTH, WISDOM is the proper 'Application of Knowledge', so truly one can know very little and still be very wise, or think they know so much and still be fools.