Thursday, April 11, 2013

Native Message

One day, a man was taking a break from his playing. Sitting quietly, eating a bagel and banana, under a large tree at the very end of a dead-end street. He was letting the guitar teach him how to play, and write music to share. So, it only seemed to make sense to the man to allow people to share in the learning as it occurred, which is what led him to busking as he walked.
While, it was not overly effective in making vast amounts of money, to buy the things most people wanted. It was highly effective in letting him practice by playing and getting the things he needed, directly. Many a day has seen this man on some street corner, or leaning against a wall, or sitting under a tree, playing his guitar with a sign, that reads;
"Your SMILE is my payment."
People would still throw coins in the box and you could see a collection of quarters, nickles, dimes and pennies, but you could also see in his eyes, that's not why this man was playing.
Often there would be an absence of coins in the box, but not of the smile in his eyes most couldn't help but share, for some...even in spite of themselves.
On this day, during his break, the man was approached by a young, native child in his mid-teens, who softly asked him;
"Excuse me sir, i don't mean to bother you while you are eating, but my mother was wondering if, when you were done, could you please come inside, as she would like to speak to you?"
"Of course child." The man answered. "Please tell her i shall be in shortly."
With that done, the child nodded, turned and jogged back to the house. The man, finishing off his meal, now proceeded toward the house himself. As he got closer to the screen door, he saw the inner door was already opened and a very large Rottweiler had his nose pressed against the screen.
The man approached, held his palm to the screen and the dog's nose and while he saw the dog's little tail wagging, he heard the lady exclaiming from inside the house;
"I knew it, i knew bring yourself on in here."
The man opened the door, petting the dog and removing his sandals, placing them in the closet to his left. He proceeded down the short hallway and turned left into the main room, to see a wise looking native woman, sitting on her couch, with a coffee table in front of her and a chair recently placed across from her, on the other side of the table.
"Welcome, to my house. Please sit down" the woman gestured to the chair.
"Thank you", the man replied and sat in the chair provided.
"Did you see that long, high hedge that ran along my whole front yard, all the way to the driveway?" She asked, after he was seated.
"Yes", the man replied again.
"That's my hedge..." she said, "I planted that."
"And that driveway, did you see that?" She questioned again.
"Yes", his answer remaining simple.
"That's my driveway, I laid and raked that gravel...And that yard?" She went on. "That yard that runs down the rest of the block to the end of the street...did you see that too?"
"I did" the man confirmed.
"That's my yard. And that tree you were sitting under? That's my tree." She continued to inform him. "I've lived here at the end of this Dead End Street for over 25 yrs and nobody every comes down here, unless they are coming here. That's why i like it's private."
"Now you see that dog?" She gestured to the dog, now laying beside him on the floor.
"I do", he responded.
"That's my dog", she said. "I've had him since he was a puppy...he's been with me a long time, and he let's me know when somebody is walking by my hedge. If it's somebody we know, he just lets out a couple of barks, to let me know company is coming. If it's somebody we don't know, he really lets me know."
Here, she paused a moment, peering intently at the man, his gaze inviting.
"So you have to understand", she continued, "when my son came in and asked me;
"Ma, who is that man out by our tree?"
"What?" I asked him.
"Yeah, there is some guy sitting under our tree eating his lunch or something." he told me.
"So I looked down at my dog laying on the floor and I said to him;"
"Who's out there boy?"
"Well, he gets up and runs over to the door and I can just see his back-end sticking out behind the closet and his little tail is wagging. He comes back over, looks at me and then lays down. Not so much as a snuff out of him."
"So I said to him again;"
"BOY, who's out there?"
"And again he gets up and runs to the door, and all I see is his little tail wagging, and again he comes back over and lays back down without the slightest snarl."
"So I said to my son;"
 "Son, you go out there and ask that man who does not make my dog bark, to please come in here when he's done...I would like to talk to him."
Here she paused another moment, as she looked from the man to the dog and back again to the man's gaze awaiting her.
"So tell me, man who does not make my dog bark...who are you?" She finally asked.
"i am, who i am." the man replied simply.
"I thought as much." She said with a smile, "Let's talk."
They talked about dreams, prophecies and shared many things over the next few hours and as he was preparing to depart, she bid him to pause a moment. She pulled out a pouch and a round, black, film container, which she proceeded to pack full with the contents of the pouch.
"You have been walking clean and that is an excellent start, for now you can begin to see that not everything you have been told is good for you, really is. Nor is everything you have been told is bad, really bad."
"This..." she said, as she folded the container into the man's hand with both hers. "...Is a medicine made for ALL, not to be confused with the poisons made by man...This is from our Creator...And i am, to give it to you."
"Megwitch, my sister." The man said, as he accepted the gift with head bowed, cupping her hands with his other one. He leaned down and hugged her and patted the dog that followed him silently to the door, where he put his sandals back on and left.
As he came back out to the 'Dead End Street', he smiled as he noted the cosmic irony of ending this part of his journey here. Now proceeding through to the next part, he continued on renewed.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Price or Value

There are those who know the price of everything, 
but do not understand the value.
There are those who understand the Value of Nothing
and think it is priceless.

There are those who will read the words and think they know what is says;
but still do not understand what it means.

Sunday, April 07, 2013

Judgement Day

Synopsis- God enters and takes Center Throne. Christ enters and takes the Throne seated to the right and the Son of Man enters and takes the Throne seated to the left. All Souls in time line up, carrying their Hearts for their moment before the Judge.
God passes the Son of Man the Scales of Justice and places the heart of each soul upon them as the Son of Man reads them, as he was taught to do by the Holy Spirit on his earthly journey.
If there were any who had walked with Christ and they were struck down before they could complete their Journey. Jesus would stand in their defense and they would be freed, having the Mark of GOD upon their heads. While others would claim themselves to be believers as well, Jesus remained seated and did not know them, since they still bore the Mark of Cain upon theirs.
When they tried to plead before the Son of Man, that they did not know or had been mislead, the Son of Man looked back upon them and simply said; "All were told...You chose not to Listen and Share, thereby misleading yourself and others."
As the Son of Man finished separating the goats from the sheep, a new day dawned. While the sheep that had passed through the door continued their journey with all they had acquired spiritually, the goat's remained locked outside and thrown into the Lake of Fire where every neuron is slowly burned away, until every last semblance of consciousness has been removed, before the Lake of Fire pours back into the River of Life and refills the Well of Souls.
With the dawning of that new day, comes also the Dawning of the New Age, having evolved one step higher and wiping the records clean.
Blessed are those that have an ear, listen and share, that we may yet recognize the 'Sign of Jonah' and share the Destiny of the Ninivites and not earn the Fate of Babylon.