Monday, February 09, 2009

Dear Bad Guys & Evil Doers

Hi's me, ancient (Pope Vincent)

I AM, writing this to you dear Bad Guys(you know who you are, because you realize exactly what you are truly doing), and Evil Doers(most of you don't know who you are, because you are not fully aware of what you are really doing). i love you all, but i hate what you are BOTH doing.

i thought if i wrote you a letter and asked you to just please stop what you are doing, now...i really mean it, as in right stop it...All of it...NOW.

You have no idea how much better that would be for everyone and everything, most importantly yourselves, instantly..Please allow me to humbly paraphrase what Master Yoda said; "There is no try, only being and not being"

I'd also like to mention, just in case you were unaware, You are either a part of the problem, or you are the solution. As of NOW, you are truly just being a part of the problem, whether you are aware of it or not, it's the TRUTH...and for your own survival, you need to stop that first, before you can even HOPE of joining the solution.

i'm being, serious. It's kinda, the big prerequisite, in finding your way. As the true journey begins within, your first re-learning involves doing nothing and simply learning 'How to Breath'...'DEEP and SLOW'. Mastering this will be a powerful tool for everything else you attempt and an equally powerful tool to aid you in the most difficult part of your journey to come. 

The other part will be to learn the 'Tone of TRUTH' that will enable you to develop a "perfect Pitch"(over the ages this has also been referred to as a 'strong B.S.Detector'). I share these powerful tools with you as an aid to then help as you sit through the silence.

i understand your hesitation and fear of beginning this journey, as once you begin, you either finish the journey or the journey will finish you. Perhaps, some of you are close enough to now see the wisdom of Recognising the 'Sign of Jonah', and how sitting in the dust, garbed in sackcloth doing nothing, but stopping what they were doing, was enough to save 'The people of Nineveh' from destruction...also keep in mind though, they later strayed again from the path, perhaps thinking their ancestors got away with something instead of learning from them and were subsequently destroyed.

It's not hard to see from here that most of you are lost...And because of that, you will not appreciate being told that by anyone...least of all me, but as I AM the least, that's why i thought it might help if i wrote you this letter. You could read it at your own pace, perhaps not feel you are being yelled at (sometimes my voice can be dry and harsh sounding, if you are not listening carefully enough to hear the gentleness as well).

Take your time to is because i love you that i would warn you the bridge is out ahead, not because i'm arrogant or a 'know it all' that wants you to be destroyed...I don't, though i have already begun the birthing cycle of the new age, and therefore, the END of this one, i have also given you the keys to escape your fate and still fulfill your true destiny.

For a time, the doors have been opened and all have been invited to walk in the way to the Great Banquet. It is time to leave the path of the mindless soldier and find the path of the thoughtful warrior. Go out and commit a random act of kindness. Darkness always flees into the shadows at the coming of the light. It is my hope that you realize that i stand before you with this warning now, not because I AM, afraid of you...but because I AM, afraid for you. 

You keep fighting and murdering so you can lay claim to the lands, waters, and minerals without understanding that even in your success of killing, your claims are still false, as the lands never truly belonged to the people you've killed, they belong to the ONE who created them to be shared with ALL his creations. IF you do not bring an abrupt halt to the slaughter, molestation, and exploitation of ALL children worldwide, yours will be a very gruesome end.

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