Wednesday, June 25, 2008

GOD's Questions

Just to give folks an idea of what their trial might be like when they are JUDGED.

The chief prosecutor during these proceedings shall be GOD (High Exalted Grand Imperial Omnipotent Stomper - to some). Your defense attorney will be the devil (are you surprised most lawyers are in Hell) and I AM, your judge (Judgement of Mankind was deferred to the 'Son of Man'.)








Something to think about.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Prime Minister Apologizes

Part One

Part Two
Here's what he did...simply said; "I'm sorry."
He doesn't understand that saying "you're sorry"
only means you're sorry you didn't get away with it,
BEING sorry means it doesn't keep happening.
Here's what he didn't do...END the policies that STILL KILL.
Stop RAPING the lands and waters.
Stop displacing and stealing from the natives and poor.
Stop putting property rights BEFORE human rights.
Stop the 85% incarceration rate for first time native offenders
the 9% incarceration rate for ALL other races COMBINED.
Stop robbing natives of their dignity by enslaving, incarcerating, or corrupting them.
In FACT, this is just a SMALL mention of the HUGE number of things
Mr. Harper DIDN'T do when he simply said..."sorry",
as though it WASN'T done on PURPOSE,
as though it was just some horrible mistake.
If you'd like to see how this relates to other issues(that natives can definitely relate to), go see the beginning of the Charter Challenge that has begun in Victoria, BC.
I guess that since Mr Harper has yet to comment on this issue either,
he must be preparing ANOTHER apology.
Message back to Mr. Harper, regardless of ANYTHING my native brothers and sisters say in response to your PRESS RELEASE...I wanted to personally make you aware...I have it on EXCELLENT authority, your words have fallen SHORT of GOD's ears.