Sunday, July 08, 2007

Fireside Theatre

A Campfire Dragon Tale

Back in ancient days...before the internet, before television or even radio, man sat around a fire and shared stories. This was one of those nights. As my camera doesn't have sound, you get to make it up as you go along. First let me introduce you to the star...
Drago ---Our Fire-Breathing Dragon

...please keep in mind, this is a 'no-budget production'.

And now on with the your popcorn?


  1. Hahaha..That was different from ur usual posts :) Nice one!

  2. Hi AC,
    You have not posted in a couple of weeks......hope all is well.I expect that you are enjoying the summer and I wish I was out camping. I love the would make a great wand.
    Laura is still making trees and every time I go out with my wand that has your tree on it, people ask about it. You are still missed by all your friends in Kensington Market. I don't know if you heard but Martin lost everything again when the place he was living in burnt down. It was quite the fire. Not his fault but someone else who was also living in the same rooming house in Kensington.Thankfully no one was hurt.
    You are always in my thoughts AC. Thank you for just "Being"
    Love always S


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