Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Social Justice

"It is JUSTICE, not CHARITY, that is wanting in the world."
-Mary Wollstonecraft (1792)

...and it seems we are STILL left wanting for it.

Below is a collection of images, (not very well taken by me), that I hope helps show a bit of the bigger picture so that people can see where the REAL problems within our world are.

This is what they say...but do they REALLY mean it?

Was it a brawl that EVERYONE deserves to be punished and not JUST the ones fighting? This is NOT the type of justice GOD describes. This is NOT the justice JESUS spoke where does it come from, this BLANKET JUSTICE, and why is it allowed to exist?
Two shelters closing at a time when there is already insufficiant care and space available for those in NEED at a time of year when it is MOST needed.
I wonder if it's been mentioned in ANY of these reports that one of the rules here is "NO PRINTING". No resumes, no music, no nothing...There's also NO PHONES, not even to call the POLICE, but thanks for the help, so glad you are here to give us a hand up, and you're not just really standing on our heads holding us down.
CBC was there, and boy, the fixins they put out that day, veggie platter and everything...well, not milk or juice, but some stuff that actually has some nutritional value higher than moldy bread & coffee. I'm sure you got the FULL scoop from them, cause they are our NATIONAL MEDIA and must be interested in 'reporting the TRUTH' and not just 'making the NEWS' like the local stations do.
Aren't they???
If not, Homeless Nation has had some film crew around for awhile and I've shared some stuff with them as well...I'm sure they are more interested in getting the TRUTH out than just presenting a nice package for more funding. Right???

but now it's time for...
(most think this means time to fix things up, clean things, put your house in order and prepare for the summer).
POLICE participate in a SPRING CLEANUP as well.

But it doesn't involve cleaning up dangerous rigs like this or broken bottles that have melted through the snow in a REAL effort to make the streets safe for our kids...
No...for the poor & the homeless, SPRING CLEANUP has a different meaning altogether...this is time of year where a great many of your friends, who have been lucky enough to survive the winter, will be arrested for one thing or another, so the streets will been cleaned of the poor and tourists won't see them and realize how dishonest and corrupt the cities & system are.
People might begin to figure out that the number of poor is directly proportional to the levels of corruption.

(above)This native gentleman was drunk and sitting at a table under the green umbrellas falling asleep, when security grabbed him and escorted him down to the bench and then made him sit on the cement steps. Racism and genocide can be subtle in it's application...but it still remains very evident when you shine the LIGHT on their actions.

WHOA...Roman, you keep moving into my shot, what is it you don't want me to see?
What do you mean; "Get back inside or you'll be kicked out for the day?"
I'm not a prisoner of this institution,

Hey, isn't that a commisionaire? They aren't legally allowed to participate in takedowns. Hey, isn't that an undercover, has he identified himself as a police officer? Why were these guys waiting outside to jump this man as soon as he got kicked out of the drop-in?

Yup...that's them I know why they didn't want me taking pictures. Someone might see it and begin to figure things out.

They aren't there for anyone but themselves.

I actually got kicked out this month for 'NOT FIGHTING', when one of the former night staff (which I'd caught the night before with all the other night staff, out back smoking a doobie after everyone was asleep - or so they thought), attacked, smacked, and uttered death threats to me, and even though I chose to follow Christ and turn the other cheek, take it, ignore him and not 'knock him out'...I was STILL kicked out, for being assaulted, and they told me they would phone the police if I refused to leave.

My question is...If Reverend Al, our "Time LIFE 'Hero'", ALWAYS stands behind his staff, no matter what, (as he's told me personally), what's my motivation for not knocking out the guy that attacked me and then every staff member that tells me to leave, and then the cops for attempting to arrest me for defending myself?

(Which I'm legally allowed to do...but haven't due to my own self-control and FAITH)

Where are the teachings of Christ they speak of when they come for your money & donations?

Where is the kindness, compassion, or LOVE that Christ spoke of in these places?

Where is this JUSTICE the people of Canada speak of...because I've found it to be just a rumour, as it is factually lacking any REAL evidence of existance.

Maybe it's time YOU did something DIFFERENT about it than contributing to it's growth with your apathy?

When you "Gave at the Office"...this is what you gave.


Then we have George Bush saying they MUST invade Iraq, because they have 'Weapons of MASS Destruction'.

Yet after murdering thousands of women and children for years without finding anything...was he arrested for these crimes against humanity & GOD???

No...he's still there.

If you also take into account the expression;

"Delayed Justice is Denied Justice"

Welcome to the TRUTH about 'SOCIAL JUSTICE'.

It's a LIE.

Monday, February 12, 2007

For YOUR sake

Wouldn't it be nice to see the TRUTH in print every now and again. I'm sure the ONLY reason people make these kind of By-LAWS, is because they care...right? It's all for YOUR sake. After all, they are SO concerned about your health they made cannabis illegal and cigarettes legal. Though one kills the size of a small city every year, while the other has yet to record a single death because of an overdose. One is free to everyone because you can simply grow it as GOD intended, one must be bought after being manufactured. Neither one has an ingredients list, even though only ONE is natural. Ever ask yourself WHY cigarettes are the ONLY product on the shelves WITHOUT an ingredients list? Ever ask yourself how much of a profit the government makes while it legally & unlawfully MURDERS it's own citizens with poisoned tobacco?
I have, but nobody seems to want the answers.

Can you start to SEE the bigger picture?
This is ONLY the tip of the iceberg.
How can anyone say it's their choice when we don't know what's in it?
When it's even MORE deadly and addictive second-hand, as long as they are made and smoked...who REALLY has a choice?
As long as the government profits so GREATLY from the murder of it's own citizens...why would they stop it?
Just keep dancing around the issue until there's no one left to complain.
Hasn't that already been PROVEN to be S.O.P. ???

Thursday, February 08, 2007

"Fears of a Clown"

"Movie of the Day"
(re-living childhood fears)
I found this gem here at Atom Films. There's lots more to check out, even if you didn't like this one. If you did, why not stop by and give them a...