Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Today in History

POST 100 by Ancient Clown
I've seen this listed within peoples sites. It marks an event that happened on this day, years before. I'd like to share a pivitol day in 'ANCIENT's HISTORY'.

On this day, Aug.9th/1975 my brother, aged 5, was struck down by a car and killed in front of my house, in our VERY small village, in the middle of the afternoon. A few years before, I had been the victim of a similar event in a 'hit & run', but my mom just rushed me to the hospital and I was told how CLOSE it was and how LUCKY I AM to be alive. Not so for my brother, three different Ambulances broke down on the way to pick him up. He was finally rushed to the hospital in the back of the police car that was first to arrive, but NOT when he first arrived. He could have been rushed earlier in that manner, but the police officer refused to allow that until finally the third Ambulance failed in arriving and my mother threatened to do it herself. The doctors said they could have saved him if only we could have gotten him there SOONER.

On this day, I had a HUGE falling out with GOD that lasted most of my life. On this day, I lost ALL repect for authority who blindly follow procedure. As a child myself, with an understanding that everything happens for a reason, I was left trying to figure out why GOD wanted to kill my brother...I didn't think GOD was 'just' and 'righteous'. I thought GOD was vindictive and mean.
If anyone reading this post has ever lost anyone close to them...does it matter HOW? Does it matter if they get run down by careless motorists or gunned down by terrorists? Does it matter if the death was a result of failure to act by a police officer or an innocent bystander? Does it make any difference if it was a carbomb or being hit by a car who's driver is bombed(drunk)?
DOES it make a difference how they died...or how they lived?

I couldn't figure out why GOD would let me live, but kill my brother. GOD taught me that day that when YOU are called back...nothing in this world will save live well and love TODAY...I also came to realize that UNTIL God wants you back, you'll still be here to fullfill your be 'NOT AFRAID'...and live well in LOVE.
And that's what happended this day in 'his story'.

I chose to share this with everyone in hopes that they may understand, that after I adopted everyone as a brother and a sister, and my message from GOD is for them ALL.

Stop killing my brothers and sisters...instead share with them GOD's love for us ALL.
Share the understanding that GOD hates the sin but LOVES the sinner.
Jesus did not come here to glorify Himself, but GOD.
This IS the path to GOD...of this I AM, certain...for I followed it in secret when I was called.
MANY were called...FEW were chosen...but the message is for ALL.
In this we are ALL joined.
Let us put aside differences...come together NOW.
your humble servant,

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