Wednesday, June 07, 2006


STAR-Fishing Across the Universe

If it takes millions of years for the Star-fish
to go from the water to the land...

...BUT it actually happens in a moment...

...what if we're living in that moment now???

WOW...Look at him go.


  1. visit, big hello from CROATIA

  2. starfish, starfish, make my dream come true.

    let me be strong and regenerate as quick as your limbs.

    let me be persistent, like you.

    let me become graceful and beautiful, like you.

    as long as you are not the devil's hand


  3. Hey thx for comin.....ya~~i saw your website....~it;s all about star-fishin.... i am volunteerin in the Vancouver Aquarium, so i saw the purple star-fish too. It's beauty.


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